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Founded in 2007 by Laurent Falcon, hairdresser and French artistic director, Laurent Falcon Hair Salons are open daily in Beijing in the neighbourhoods of Sanlitun and Guomao.


After working on plenty of celebrities' hair, such as Johnny Hallyday, Tina Turner, Hélène Ségara, Lorie and was also involved in the musicals "Romeo & Juliet", "Gone with the Wind", Laurent collaborates with French cinema.


In 2007, Laurent left France to settle in China and opened 2 hairdressing salons with a French and romantic atmosphere. Thanks to his team’s hard work and passion for the Art of Hairdressing, famous fashion designers as Dior, Armani, Chanel and Tiffany & Co have invited him with his team to work on their models during the parades in Beijing, Shanghai and Taiwan.

Salon barbier - Sanlitun
Salon de coiffure - Guomao
Salon de coiffure - Sanlitun

Meet our Expert Stylists

The team is at your disposal and take the time to advise you effectively on the haircut, hairstyle and hair care adapted to your hair type. You will find a typical French romantic atmosphere in his hairdressing salons located in Beijing in the neighbourhoods of Guomao and Sanlitun.

Our Team
Our Team


三里屯店 Master
Sanlitun Shop

Our Team


三里屯店 Master
Sanlitun Shop

Our Team


三里屯店 Master
Sanlitun Shop

Our Team


三里屯店 Stylist
Sanlitun Shop

Our Services


Woman Man
Laurent 1200 RMB 680 RMB
Master 580 RMB 380 RMB
Senior 285/180 RMB 215/120 RMB
Children ages under 12 save 30%

Blow Dry Package & Up do

Blow Dry Up do
Laurent 480 RMB 580 RMB
Master 220 RMB 480 RMB
Senior 180/100 RMB -


Short 680 RMB
Medium 780 RMB
Long 880 RMB
Flash 480 RMB


Schwarzkopf L'Oréal Inoa
Roots 580 RMB 780 RMB 1080/980 RMB
Lighten 385 RMB
Extra dose 265 RMB



Cold Perm

Dulcia Premia
Short 880 RMB 980 RMB
Long 980 RMB 1180 RMB

Hot Perm

X-tenso Cera
Medium 1380 RMB 1880 RMB
Long 1880 RMB 2380 RMB


X-tenso Cera
Medium 1380 RMB 1880 RMB
Long 1880 RMB 2380 RMB

Hair Treatment

Hair mask Brazilian Keratin Treatment
Short 480/680 RMB -
Medium 580/780 RMB 2300 RMB
Long 680/880 RMB 2800 RMB
Serum - 350 RMB


Make-up 480 RMB+
Wedding Hair style 2600 RMB+

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